I host my hugo website on Netlify but since Netlify services are limited in my country, I have to use cloudflare CDN. Here’s how I do it.

Step 1

Configure your website on Netlify like normal.

Step 2

  • Review your DNS records and just press Continue! This will appear only one-time. It will determine addresses that you are currently using for your website and add them to DNS Records.

Step 3

You should now change your DNS nameservers to what Cloudflare recommends.

After doing this step, your website would be transferred to Cloudflare.

Step 4 (Optional)

You are now using Cloudflare. However, you won’t get the real benefits from a CDN until you set some configurations. You have to set some cache in order to allow Cloudflare servers to cache your website.

Now, go to Caching -> Configuration and Enable this two settings. After that, go to Rules -> Page Rules -> Create Page Rule and add a configuration like this:

I used this way for a long time. The only problem is that sometimes (maybe once in a year), netlify IP Addresses change and you have to remove the site and add it again.