Here I want to guide you toward setting a Jekyll website with al-folio template. This is the template I am using for my website and I love it. I have also made some contributions to make it more usable.

You do not need to install Jekyll, Docker, Ruby or even clone the repo in order to build and publish a website. You can do it all online and not even bother installing any of them.

Install Al-folio on GitHub Pages

For this tutorial, I use my real GitHub username pourmand1376. You should replace all with yours!

First, you have to clone this repository as

Then Go to Actions Tab and Enable GitHub Actions.

Then go to Repository Settings > Pages.

Choose gh-pages branch and root directory just like me.

Then you need to change url into and change baseurl into nothing! Just like this:

url: # the base hostname & protocol for your site
baseurl: # the subpath of your site, e.g. /blog/

Wait for some time until Github Actions finish. It may last up to 5 minutes.

Your website should be up and running by now! But if you want to make more changes, stay with me.

This is to be continued …