These are primarily bookmarks I have in my browser. I thought they could be helpful to others, so I have compiled them here.

For Researchers

Connected Papers

This is an excellent tool for researchers, especially when searching for review articles. Enter the paper title, and you’ll be able to see a beautiful graph of connected papers, as the name suggests!

Research Rabbit

I have always wanted a tool to find related papers to the ones I am already reading. This one does that. So, you don’t need to search for the state of the art papers using different keywords now and then.

Find Conferences, Journals, Workshops, Meetings, Symposiums, Seminars

This one find important events as the name suggests. This is a must know for researcher who want to submit their papers and attend on conferences and workshops and etc.

Paper Digest

This site digests papers for you and writes a good summary for them.


This powerful program converts math formulas in Image or PDF to Latex.

Online Mathematics Editor

A fast way to write and share mathematics, especially when you don’t have access to LATEX. Also, whenever I need to write some formulas, I first come here and write them, then export them into LATEX. It is a lot easier.

Mermaid Live Editor - Mermaid Live

The best tool (language) for drawing a diagram is Mermaid. You don’t have to use a mouse anymore. Just describe what you want, and it will render a beautiful diagram. This is also supported in GitHub markdown.


Also, when creating more complex layouts that can not be defined easily via Mermaid, I have this one in mind.

Journal and Conference Ranking

Text Editing and paraphrasing tools


Who doesn’t know about Grammarly? It has become a de facto standard when checking grammar. However, what it does is very simple. Often I find it boring since It can not rephrase the whole sentence. I had an educational premium account, but I don’t use it anymore.


It paraphrases my sentences into better ones, and I found this one very intelligent too.


This one is pretty interesting too. It offers unlimited free paraphrasing, so I use this one more than Wordtune.

AI Tools

Other Tools

TIME.IS  Exact time for any time zone

When2meet helps you find the best time for a group to meet.

Advanced Photo Editor

Photoshop-like software for editing purposes. It is a fantastic alternative for someone like me who, you know, edits photos once a year! If you want something to use daily, I recommend Krita.


You can call any API with Postman.

HTTPie for Web — API testing client

Postman Alternative. But better!


JSON Crack

Seamlessly visualize your JSON data instantly into graphs!

A great tool to flash ISO to USB

Also, for windows, you can use Rufus. I prefer to use Ventoy as it simultaneously supports multiple iso files.

Real-time codesharing platform

Here I can share my code in real-time! This is also good as a clipboard-sharing platform!

The official list of applications - ArchWiki

AUR packages for Arch Linux

If you are familiar with Arch Linux, you know these two are the only sites you need to install any software!

Chaotic AUR

A Useful site that provides compiled files to quickly install a package

Git Command Explorer

Find the right commands you need without digging through the web.

Etymonline - Online Etymology Dictionary

Excalidraw | Hand-drawn look & feel • Collaborative • Secure

High-Quality Images


A good website which I use from time to time to check my internet connection.

Just another clipboard service that I use

Fun Sites (Learn via Game)

ML learning

Machine Learning researchers should check out this site. There’s no better explanation than what its creators say, “Distill is dedicated to clear explanations of machine learning.”

ML Story

This is an intuitive explanation of Machine learning, for starters.

Papers with code

Reviewing current state-of-the-art in machine learning (SOTA)

Trend articles every day

AI and Data Scientist Roadmap