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Oct, 2021 A Few contributions on Jekyll theme for academics al-folio Star
Jul, 2021 Latex Template for writing Master's Thesis thesis-template Star
Sep, 2019 Translation of ShareX into Farsi ShareX Star

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Date Project Package
Jan, 2022 Latex Template for Seminar (Sharif University) Seminar Sharif
Oct, 2021 Sample Questions for Iranian Computer Engineering Olympiad Olympiad-Iran
Jun, 2021 Telegram Bot for group management using webhook Telegram Webhook
Jul, 2021 Digital Image Processing Homeworks DIP projects
Jul, 2021 Statistical Machine Learning Homeworks SML Projects
Jul, 2021 Machine Learning Homeworks ML Projects
Jan, 2020 Implementation of LL(0), LR(0), SLR(1), CLR(1) algorithms in C#. Parser
Jan, 2020 Simple Crawler, Indexer and Search Engine Web Application Crawler