Short biography of me

I am Amir Pourmand (امیر پورمند - in Farsi). Currently, I’m pursuing my master’s degree in AI & Robotics at the Sharif University of Technology under the supervision of Prof. Hamid R. Rabiee.

I’ve studied computer engineering at Yazd University. I’ve worked as a software developer in Amapardazesh company from 2016 to 2020 . That’s why I know a lot about clean coding, software architectures, and excellent tools like git, which I use daily.

In Aug 2020, I was ranked 1st among over 16,000 graduate applicants in the Iranian National University Entrance Exam for M.Sc. of Computer Engineering in 7 (all CE) majors (this rank is unprecedented in the history of CE University entrance exam) (My Experiences). Afterward, In February 2021, I got Silver Medal in the 25th Scientific Olympiads for Iranian University Students (My experiences).

As a member of Digital Media Laboratory, I’m working on “automatic, real-time polyp detection and classification using XAI”.

I prefer to use GNU-Linux OSes like Manjaro (Arch Linux) or Kubuntu (KDE + Ubuntu) for my daily usage. I love FOSS, and this is the main reason I migrated from Windows to GNU-Linux. I’d love to call myself a computer geek.

I’ve also taken some personality tests and they have mostly categorized me into Architect(INTJ) or Logician (INTP). I agree with both of them to some extent, however It seems to me that I am more Architect.